• About Dr. Rana Al-Falaki

     Dr Rana Al-Falaki MCD CPC ELI-MP

    Be Free, Be Fun, Be Fearless expert, Dr Rana Al-Falaki has had over twenty years’ experience as a world leader in her field, is an international speaker and trainer and coach, a pioneering researcher, writer, healer, and at the same time a mother of three and friend to many.

    She manages to balance it all with an underlying belief that everything you do in life should have purpose, be fun, and that by being conscious, you give yourself choice and the ability to create whatever it is you want.  Engaging with people on an energetic level is her passion, which she does with her friends, her children, her family and in her work.  She loves being a both a teacher and a student to anyone she meets.

    Her guilty pleasures include dancing around her kitchen to ‘80s pop hits, having fun with her children, climbing mountains, being out in nature, eating any chocolate that contains nuts, and drinking lots of tea!

    She has redirected her expertise from the field of physical health to a more holistic one of self-mastery and empowerment, using techniques that shift energy to help us heal and manifest a life with no need for compromise or settling. She is the author of the #1 international bestseller Women Who Want More: how to create a balanced & fulfilled Life, and co-author of the best-selling journal How Big Can You Dream? She is a certified professional life and business mastery coach and trainer, a core-energy™ coach and energy leadership index master practitioner, a Rahanni healer, a regional vice president for Crowned 4 Success and Boss Ladies Mindset - the largest and fastest growing female empowerment network on social media, a Law Of Attraction mentor, and founder of Light Changes Coaching. www.lightchangescoaching.com

    Her strap-lines are mediocre is out-dated and compromise is over-rated.  She has a unique talent in helping people create balance in a  fun and practical way, leaving you feeling free and fearless.

6th August, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm (doors open 6:30 pm)

Dr. Rana Al-Falaki

‘RECOVER YOUR LOSSES : A Journey of Reconnection’

This workshop has been specifically designed to help you deal with the many after-effects of the Coronavirus situation….

In this evening workshop, Be Free, Be Fun, Be Fearless Expert, Dr Rana Al-Falaki, will take you through an energetic journey of reconnection

Whatever your experience over the past few months, one thing is certain. You will have grown in some way.

You may have experienced isolation, acute stress, financial losses, fear, anxiety, anger, helplessness, powerlessness, frustration, emotional trauma or loss of a loved one.

How can you recover? And emerge even stronger?

How can you step into the world energised, and more powerful than ever?

How can you emerge into this new world and see it as an opportunity and a gift?

How can use what you have learned to your advantage and to those of others?

How can you re-connect with the world around you in a way that is truly your choice?

With a variety of exercises, she will help you understand the underlying energy behind how you feel and equip you with fun, easy and practical tools and strategies to implement into your everyday living so that you not only recover what you may have lost, but propel you even further.

It will be an evening of insight, inspiration and empowerment.



“Rana is a powerful speaker, and people not only listen but also are given practical points on which to act.  With a twinkle in her eye, she makes the complex simple, which in itself is inspiring;  the take away is ‘I can and I will learn, grow and change’ in equal measure.   
A renowned expert in her field, Rana is always approachable, and when that twinkle results in fun you will definitely find her work and her words very compelling.” Susie Briscoe, #1 International Best Selling Author:  Colour Your Legacy;
International Mentor & Coach to Visioneering Women Worldwide.

“Dr. Rana Al-Falaki is a dynamic speaker who is fun & engaging and enlightens her audience with powerful universal truths to progress fearlessly forward in life.  I highly recommend listening to her if you have the chance! Keep Shining Bright, the World desperately NEEDS your Light ☀️” Crissy Butts, Happiness Coach and Author of International Bestseller ‘You Choose Your Path’.  


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